Take control of your timesheets, manage your employee scheduling and receive their expenses in no time

A tool that saves you money right from the start.

Do like our 2300+ users spread over more than 140 companies working in different fields such as Construction, project management, landscaping, property management, union offices, municipal organizations, etc.

Simplify your life and your employees’ lives

Forms & Work Orders

Create 100% customizable forms and work orders!
Your employees can fill out your forms and work orders, attach photos, have them signed and forward an email copy to your customers or subcontractors. Accessible at the office or on the mobile app!

Online timesheets

Total hours by project
Your employees complete their timesheets linked to the projects list on their phone or on the web. Hours are automatically calculated for each project!

Schedule management

Fast, simple and visual
The schedule management tool was developed to enable you to quickly and efficiently schedule your employees using your projects list. You have to try it!

Specific rules by project

Create 100% custom rules
Add automatic allowances, change jobs on certain tasks, bonus for supervisors and foremen. You have specific needs and cases? Comworker takes care of it!

Expenses management

Accurate and organized records
Expenses are automatically filed by project. Your employees send their expenses with attached photos and receipts in seconds.

Accounting and software integrations

Automate your payroll process to the maximum!
Acomba   Acomba Construction   Avantage   CTRL   Maestro Technologies

Cloud solution

Available from anywhere
You can access our software from any computer or directly from the field using your mobile phone!
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Eliminate unnecessary phone calls

Scheduling and SMS
No need to call or send texts notifying your employees of their schedules. They can see where, with who and when they are working. A text message is automatically sent alerting them of any changes.

Create a free account

30-day trial, no commitment necessary!

What our customers are saying

Alexis Drolet


Comworker is a simple and easy to use software. It is easy to program and the tracking of accumulated hours is efficient. Comworker is a hit with our company. The application saves us a lot of time. The adaptation to this software was very fast.

Guillaume Julien

President KG2 Construction

After evaluating other softwares available on the market, we chose Comworker for its ease of use. For us, the big advantage with Comworker is the easy distribution of hours in each task performed by employees and the modification of these by managers. The comworker team is always listening to our needs to improve the application. In addition, the app does not require any training for new employees.

Anick Racine

Executive Assistant

We love Comworker, so easy to use! When we have a request, Raphaël is always available and whatever the request: everything is settled quickly. We save time with this application. Even non-tech employees quickly understand how it works.

Jean-Charles Ledeuil

Head of Finance

We have been using the Comworker platform for over a year. This replaced an in-house timesheet system. Today we are saving many hours both for the administration and the employees. It's a user-friendly and intuitive solution. Getting started is quick and it meets our needs in terms of project management, approval and time bank management. The Comworker team is quick to respond to our questions and provides us with the necessary support.

Carole St-Onge

Administrative coordinator

Our company has been using Comworker for several years now and we are very satisfied. This software is easy to use, fast, efficient and the service is excellent!

Enjoy a turnkey technology structure
perfectly tailored to construction, project management and field services companies.

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Mobile application: Android iPhone

No contract, upfront cost or activation fee. The 30-day trial gives you access to all features.
You decide if you want to continue after the trial.

Mobile Screenshot

All time entries can be directly linked to a project through your list which is updated in real time. Total hours by project is automatically calculated on the web platform.

You can give access to certain employees (supervisors, foremen) so that they can modify and manage the timesheets of other workers.

Access scheduling at any time from your phone. Changes you make on the web platform are updated instantly. Your employees also receive an SMS notifying them of any changes.

Complete expense reports with attached receipt photos in seconds. Each expense is filed by project and you keep an accurate record of each invoice.

Send photos filed in your projects. Photos are available in the "cloud" for future access.

Fast and easy access between employees.

Web Application (managers and employees)

The project dashboard gives you fast visual access to all relevant information such as attachments, sent photos, expense reports, total hours, etc. You and your workers can leave notes and files which are available to everyone.

Quickly and visually manage your employee schedules. Create schedules by directly selecting the project you previously created. Updates are made in real time on the mobile application and schedules remain private between employees.

Keep accurate records, export PDF and Excel files in one click, quickly and easily modify timesheets and automatically summarize hours by project.

Attach files relating to each employee, notes, sample cheques, etc. Employees change mailing addresses and phone numbers themselves and you receive constant updates. Grant permissions and personalized access to office employees.

Keep an accurate record of your expense reports with attached invoices/receipt photos. Your files are available in the cloud from anywhere! Easily export monthly reports in PDF and Excel format for every employee.

Screen frame

Reports tool

Easily generate reports by projects, employees or date range. Reports are saved in PDF or Excel format.

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